Essay about Community Policing : Is It The Right Fit For Toronto?

1116 Words Apr 7th, 2016 null Page
Out with the old, in with the new. Should we be afraid of police? Or maybe it’s time to start entrusting our officers, but the change starts with them. Out with zero tolerance police policies, in with community policing. Zero tolerance policing has been very successful in places like New York City, but is it the right fit for Toronto? No it is not, throughout this piece it will become quite evident to you that community policing is what our citizens want, it’s what our citizens need, and deserve. As seen in the film Freedomland, community policing can play a huge aspect in the involvement and cooperation citizens have with the local police force. The style of community policing is adopted by Lorenzo, this approach results in the community cooperating and also trusting the police officers. It is a dramatic difference when Lorenzo is taken out of this role and the projects lose this aspect of justice. Nationwide the black community is over represented in our institutions. With the black community only representing a miniscule 2% of Canadas population, they are representing 6% of the people currently incarcerated in our system. Those are scary numbers, something needs to change. With those numbers there is no way anyone can believe that the police are doing justice in our community. It is almost natural to feel scared when a police officer drives by these days, not because you are committing a crime but because you cannot trust them. Too many stories in the news of young…

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