Essay on Community Policing As A Source Of Crime

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Community policing is best defined as policing philosophy that focuses on general neighborhood problems as a source of crime. The main focus is basically to bring citizens of the community and police together to prevent crimes and help resolve them. Community policing encourages use of cooperation and problem-solving techniques to proactively address the instant conditions that provide the increase to public safety issues like crime. It is necessary to get trust from the citizens of community because the some people of the community join the police department and also the people who do believe that community policing is being practiced in their community are more likely to show a positive opinion toward the police.
Basically, community policing means that local police must become more engaging with the community and get a better sense of the community needs and gain a greater trust from the community. This strategy is also preventive, proactive, and information based. Some of these methods included CompStat and hot-stop policing. Community policing can be seen as an excellent way to promote public safety and different from traditional policing. Rather than improving community relations, police in traditional police departments are tied to the dispatcher and they are being separated from the community.
Community policing is a method that seeks to get police patrol out of their patrol cars and into neighborhoods to find ways to stop crime before it happens, rather than…

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