Community Policing And The Public Safety Of Virtual Essay

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Due to current conditions, unthinkable changes in the style and means of delivering policing have had to be input. In our world, the police and citizens are losing the mutual understanding and respect they had for so many years with each other. In ways to resolve this dispute, we face a challenge where the Mayor is keenly interested in Community Policing, and she feels an operational approach to law enforcement will make a difference in the public safety of Virtual. Being a candidate for the position of Chief; the question I have been assigned with, is do we want to affirm her intention to adopt Community Policing or dissuade her from this initiative? Policing is too important to be left to politicians, with my experience in the field; the relationship between the police and the public; should be my aim to answer this question and present an analysis of the problem at hand. In this paper I will present both the pros and cons of Community Policing and conclude with which initiative I feel should be taken.
In community policing; or as it is most commonly known as “walking the beat”; police officers patrol neighborhoods on foot to become acquainted with their assigned neighborhoods including the individuals who reside and work there. Community policing plays a pivotal role in the two defining elements of policing: police-community relations and problem-solving. "First, it should broaden police organization goals ...Second, it should alter the way police are organized to…

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