Community Policing 332 : A Solution For Repetitive And Reoccurring Crime

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Amanda Stolp
Community Policing 332
16 October 2015
S.A.R.A Model
Crime is everywhere in large cities, small towns, suburbs ect. How one goes about preventing and finding a solution for repetitive and reoccurring crime within these areas is very important. There many ways both law enforcement and communities try to solve and prevent these crimes. One of these prevention techniques that is considered to be one of the best is the S.A.R.A model. The S.A.R.A model has four parts. Scanning, Analysis, Response, and Assessment.
Scanning is looking for problems in your community. These problems can be onetime events or reoccurring problems. Scanning and the S.A.R.A model however are most applicable for reoccurring crime. When scanning a community for reoccurring crimes an officer decides which reoccurring crime is most problematic. After choosing the problematic crime the officer then moves on to the next step, Analysis. (Miller, Hess and Orthman 2014)
Analysis as defined by Miller Hess and Orthman as “Examining the identified problem’s causes, scope and effects” (Miller Hess and Orthman 2014 Pg.96.) In this stage researchers will look into possible causes of this particular crime, how often it occurs and how long the crime has been occurring. After looking into these questions and finding tentative answer the process of this crime prevention moves on to the Response approach of the S.A.R.A model
Response when defined with in S.A.R.A is “Acting to alleviate the problem” (Mill,…

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