Community Oriented Policing Should Not Have A Strong Effect On Reducing Crime, Or Fear Among The Community

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Community oriented policing is when police officers, and the community come together to fight crime. Some of the positive findings that researchers such as Gill et al., (2014) has found is that it increase police legitimacy among the community (Gill et al., 2014). Research has also found that community oriented policing does not have a strong effect on reducing crime, or fear among the community (Gill et al., 2014). In recent years we have seen an increase of distain toward law enforcement by millennial’s, and minorities because of the media portrayal of police officers in the shooting of unarmed men. In the distrust of police officers polls and studies have shown that African American, and Hispanic are much more distrustful of police officers than are Caucasians (Cao et al., 1996, CBSNEWS, 2015). One of the contributors to the increase of the distrust of police officers has been the media. As Miller et al., (2004) found on a study done to see the influence of the media on police community relations, negative portrayal of police officers in the media can lead to communities distrust of police officers to increase (Miller et al., 2004). One of the reason that the media has such a large effect on how the public sees police officers is because many people have little to no contact with law enforcement, so their only perspective of law enforcement comes from the news media. There are many ways that police officer fight to increase their legitimacy, and show the community what…

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