Community Oriented Policing : An Effective Method Essay

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community oriented-policing could be used as a medium to educate Asian communities about the importance of reporting criminal activities (Hess & Orthmann, 2012). Vishnuvajjala (2011) stated, “When immigrants no longer fear calling the police, they may be more willing to communicate with police about crimes to which they are witnesses” (p. 211). Good and healthy working relationships must consist of trust, mutual respect, mindfulness, diversity, and open communication. The following concepts of Community Oriented Policing, provides strategies that will build positive rapport with minority communities: (1) regular channels of communication between police agencies and minority communities; (2), police agencies must include community representatives, and remain neutral in intragroup rivalries and hostilities in order to fully engage with immigrants; and (3) police policies and procedures regarding trust building in diverse communities, must be actively practiced and not just implemented as rules (Hanser & Gomila, 2015). Community oriented-policing is an effective method that could build positive relationships among diverse communities, reduce crime, and restore public trust.
Like most state and local law enforcement departments, the Houston Police Department receives great scrutiny as the slightest deviation from the protocol can cause a stir in the community. Law enforcement strategic planning and business planning basically share one common goal, and that is they “must…

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