Community Nursing : My Future Career Essay

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Community nursing is a nursing practice that utilizes the nursing theory and knowledge to improve the overall health of the community by preventing diseases and risk factors through educating, advocating and promoting health life style in the community. The community nurses put together plans that alleviate health or safety issues in a community, issues like immunizations, sexually transmitted diseases and obesity. Under the community health, registered nurses work in different areas of expertise such as primary care, nurse administrator, correctional nurse, occupational health facilities, public health and schools.
The purpose of this paper is to choose one area of community nursing as my future career, review article that related to the chosen area of practice and discuss its impact on my future career.
Identification and summary of practice area I have a strong interest in public health nursing as my future career because I want to apply the knowledge I developed through years of education in the area of public health, infection control and communicable diseases, which are the most required knowledge in public health nurse expertise.
Public health nursing is the nursing expertise that focuses on the health of entire populations in the communities. They focus on prevention of the diseases and protection of the risk factors. They work with the community based on the need assessment and resources available for the communities. They use population centered…

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