Community Journalism And Its Larger Regional And National Brethren

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Community Journalism Community journalism is not simply a type of media outlet. It is also a concept, an idea. It focuses on management and reporters who are close their community and have an intimate relationship with those they cover (Byerly, 1961; Lauterer, 2006; Reader, 2012). Community journalism managers are still determining how to deal with declining readership, yet they have been somewhat protected because of the locational isolation and lack of competition in the markets many cover (Abernathy, 2014). Providing the audience a voice in hybrid print-online publications is one of those attempts (Graybeal, 2011). These efforts to provide the audience a voice started in print, but have since moved primarily online as a form of user-generated content designed to engage an audience (Graybeal, 2011). This dissertation relies on previous research that has shown that while similarities exist between community journalism and its larger regional and national brethren. There is enough variance that community journalism is unique. First and most commonly mentioned is the connection to the community. The idea of community news is one based upon the various publications being connected to their communities, of having an inherent closeness that differentiates community media from other types of publications (Lauterer, 2006; Reader, Community journalism: A concept of connectedness., 2012; Byerly, 1961; Kennedy, 1974). As part of the difference, community journalists often feel an…

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