Community Involvement Program Plan For Improving Students ' Learning, Achievement And School Performance

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This plan is based on regional areas rural schools which aim to fostering school, family and community engagement to improve students’ learning, achievement and school performance. I will give a brief description about community engagement, key stakeholders who will involve in this project and effect the school community engagement. Furthermore this plan gives a description about engagement process, types and how this process could contribute to a broader community development initiative. This plan provides a perspective for enhance home, school and community collaboration as a part of comprehensive safe school and school improvement plan.
I will discuss about a family, school and community involvement program (2015-2017). It will be based on regional areas rural Indian school community. India is an agricultural land and a big number of populations live in rural areas. Rural people rely on agriculture for their live hood. Unemployment and poverty are two major problems in Indian rural areas. Change is need in these rural schools because rural education facing many difficulties in present days. I belong to a rural area so I know very well about the problems which are faced by rural students and education. Parents have lower level involvement in schools and their children’s education. Rural Schools have not full facilities to improve students all round development. Children in rural School continue to be deprive from quality of education because lack of text books,…

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