Community Hospital ( Rch ) Essay

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Riverside Community Hospital (RCH) is the largest provider of acute care medical services in the Inland Empire. The hospital is known for its patient-centric culture which is rooted in the ideals and values of our founders. Our mission statement is a reminder that above all else we are committed to the care and improvement of human life. The core values driving RCH are based on providing excellence in medical care delivered in a caring and compassionated manner. This dedication to providing high-quality medical services as made RCH the premier hospital in the region. Patient satisfaction is a priority and influences RCH’s ability to remain the hospital of choice for the community. According to Protomastro (2016) patient satisfaction is an important indicator which measures an individual’s level of contentment with services received from a healthcare provider. Satisfaction scores also determine if a patient’s perception of care related to their condition-specific illnesses have been met by caregivers Prakash (2014). Junewicz and Youngner (2015) indicated patient satisfaction is based on multiple factors, including human interactions, physical environment, operational process, and the quality of clinical care. Evaluating the extent patients are satisfied with medical services is also clinically relevant, as research suggest satisfied patients are more likely to comply with treatment protocols Junewicz and Youngner (2015). As a result, patient…

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