Community Health Workers ( Chws ) Essay

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Community health workers(CHWs) are trained frontline public health workers who are responsible for a variety of roles in New Zealand(NZ) health system. This paper will first state their roles and responsibilities, where and how they work, besides whom they might work with. Secondly, key challenges they address in their work and their contributions towards an integrated health system will be described. Lastly, key criteria for evaluating web-based information applied in data researching for this paper will also be explained.

As public health programs increase individuals ' dependency rather than making them independent, idea of coalition building and strengthening community approach to public health care has become better known. In these community-based strategies, CHWs play a significant role (Haratuku, Thomson & Stewart, 2001). CHWs acknowledge and rationally respond to community needs by determining client’s problems, developing new solutions, and integrating them into practice (Witmer, Seifer, Finocchio, Leslie & O’Neil, 1995). Their roles include providing health education, referral and follow up, case management, disease intervention, home visiting, and family support (World Health Organisation[WHO], 2008). CHWs strive to improve health quality of underserved people who are restricted by their inability to access to proper healthcare. CHWs overcome access barrier to health resources, reduce the disparities, create bilateral understanding between other health…

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