Community Health Concerns Of San Bernardino County Essay

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Community Health Concerns in San Bernardino County
In San Bernardino County, California, the health disparities found among the various racial and ethnic groups are of significant concern. With the rate of newly diagnosed chronic conditions rising, and nearly 72% of the adults diagnosed as overweight or obese (California Pan-Ethnic Health Network, 2011-2012), a health assessment of the county will help to identify the issues influencing the health care choices and behaviors of this population. Taking a closer look at the demographics, ethnicity, and trends of this community are the first steps necessary to improve the health and wellness within the County of San Bernardino. Demographic Characteristics
Demographic Composition
Located in southern California, San Bernardino County is, by size, one of the largest counties in the United States covering over 20,000 square miles (S.B. County Board of Supervisors, 2015). Ninety-five percent of the county is either vacant or used by the military, leaving only 5% developed for residential and agricultural use. With over two million people, San Bernardino County grew by more than 22% in the last 5 years, making this county more populous than the states of Montana and Rhode Island combined. (S.B. County Board of Supervisors, 2015)
Among the residents of San Bernardino County, at least 21% are foreign born and 41% speak a language other than English as their primary language. In addition, 36% of the children in the county…

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