Essay on Community Health and Population

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Community Health and Population Task 1
Jasha Beavers
Western Governors University

Community Health and Population Task 1
Green County is 678 square miles of land located in the southwestern region of Missouri. This county has many recreational opportunities and serves the community well by offering a zoo, many parks and museums, and large natural bodies of water (The Park, n.d.). Greene County has several educational opportunities with an estimate of 24,000 students attending R-12 school district, and 21,000 students attending one of four colleges located in the Greene County area (Springfield Missouri Convention & Visitors Bureau, 2015). Four hospitals help serve this
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It also has a particulate matter concentration of 10.1 comparable to the national average of 9.20. The sulfur dioxide average for Green County is 52 ppb, which is also significantly worse than the national average of 19.00 ppb (Air Quality of Greene County Missouri, n.d.).
Local weather conditions can be a health hazard to the residents of Greene County. Tornadoes, thunderstorms, and winter storms are all a risk in this region of the country. Complaints had been made stating that the sirens were ineffective because residents were unable to hear and head warning. New sirens were initiated and have been proven more effective in the areas that had been complaining. They also suggest the use of weather radios and not relying on sirens as the only mean of warning (Springfield-Greene County Missouri Office of Emergency Management, n.d.).
Greene County has a strict urban chicken ordinance that contains rules and guidelines on the harboring of chickens. Salmonella is a common problem here in the Ozarks and chickens are potential hosts of this pathogen (Springfield-Greene County Health Department, n.d.). Greene County also has an ordinance regarding pit bulls. Owners of pit bulls must have their dog registered with the local health department, micro chipped, sprayed or neutered, and a sign must be visibly posted in the owner’s yard announcing the presence of a pit bull (Springfield-Greene county Health

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