Community Development Essay

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A written proposal outlining a project based on community development principles to assess and address health inequalities within a particular community.

Health inequalities are likely to affect different population groups in a variety of ways. Certain groups of people and particular factors are linked to an increased risk of experiencing health problems. Commentators such as McKeown (1979) have made the case that medicine has a small impact as a determinant of health. Others have also argued that aspects of living conditions, associated with varying levels of economic and social development are more significant in determining whether or not people become ill (Curtis, S. 2004) (Check Clark Sociology text book to identify groups that
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Empowerment approaches are therefore closely linked with creating healthy communities, in which the people affected by poverty and health inequalities are centrally involved in the design of solutions to address them (Combat Poverty Agency, 2009)

The Project
Undergirding the community intervention of a health and information centre is the five stage model of community organisation for health promotion as elaborated by Bracht, Kingsbury and Rissel (1999).
Stage one (1) is known as the community analysis stage. This stage will be conducted to understand how the community functions at a public level. This is when baseline data will be collected and key people who will be involved in the project identified. There is also a need to understand the cultural and political sensitivities of the community. This stage is also used to identify key community leaders and activists who might help advance the project. Selection criteria can be drawn up at this stage for workers/ volunteers for the project

The second stage is the design and initiation stage. This is where staff or volunteers who have been recruited are trained. A structure will be put in place at this stage to form a core planning group who will be responsible for long-term planning of the centre. The type of structure chosen depends on the community culture, history, and past decision making styles . The Design aspect of the intervention

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