Community Development In Jamaica

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A community is a place in which a group of people share the same interest, even though it does not have to be in an environment because some people come together to build their own group with those who share the same interest as them. For instance, a religious meeting is considered a community since they share the same beliefs. In this essay, I will describe the community that I was a member of in Jamaica and also examine the process of community development. I will also share different perspectives on what it was like in a different community. Jamaica is a developing country that experience poverty that influences social problems such as unemployment, teenage pregnancy and also crime.
The suburb area in Jamaica which I will be referring to
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Moreover, having said that teenage pregnancy is a main public health issue in Jamaica, this is mainly because civilians lack awareness around contraceptives (Watson, 2011). I was born in a rural area in Jamaica, as a child I have observed that members within the communities knew everyone and the household was large and consisted mainly of children. Bank (2004) has identified that rural household are larger because the residents lack educational opportunities that acknowledge information around contraceptives and then result into poverty. This is one of the main reasons as to why I moved to Portmore to live with other family members. Conversely, unemployment in Portmore is common, men are most likely to be out of jobs most likely because of no qualifications. Whereas, women would be more likely to be hired because of the level of commitment and qualification they have achieved. Stanley (1981) notes that women with family responsibilities are more likely to be hired because their status shows that they are dependable. Notwithstanding, despite the fact that unemployment between men in Portmore is high, this seems like a satisfying position for some men as they seem comfortable with the way they …show more content…
Galbraith (1979 cited in Pressman 2013) suggested that migration and education is a way to escape poverty, most people moved to different countries for a better opportunity to overcome poverty. Also, without education most people feel hopeless and are unaware of the services and support they need to improve their lives. Generally one of the causes of unemployment in Portmore is because of the area 's reputation, many people on the outside of the community gossip and categories the residences in a negative way, and when there is nothing to do this cause frustration and idleness (Moser and Hollan 1997). This is social exclusion, it is described as multiple disadvantages faced in the community, and for instance, residents are blocked from employment opportunity because of the stereotype in the area due to the high crime (Cantle, 2005).
Additionally, social capital involves the relationship among people, in this context, Field (2008) suggested that this theory can be summarise as a good relationship between those who are connected through a series of network. Similarly, Putnam (1993, cited in Field 2008) has defined the term social capital as trust, norms, and networks that can improve the efficiency of society by facilitating coordinated actions '. Nevertheless, as well as trust, respect is as important; Gilchrist (2004) confirms that both are the

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