Essay about Community College : Nursing Program

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they can change the future and “Move Mountains”, Arapahoe Community College, (2015). The institution states that by involving everyone through shared governance they can all grow together and achieve many more goals together than they could alone. The institution advertises the ACC’s value statements being: “ lifelong learning, integrity, community, and inclusion,” Arapahoe Community College(2015, ask ACC para 3). Arapahoe Community College commits to prepare students to be successful in life, Arapahoe Community College, (2015).
Arapahoe Community College: Nursing Program
The mission of the nursing program is to educate the student to become a nurse that is equipped to handle the diverse population. The future nurse will exemplify empathy, thoughtful insight in challenging situations, non-judgmental nursing care, and safe clinical practice. The nursing curriculum through Arapahoe will equip the student to become an associate degree nurse. The school of nursing shares and upholds the mission and vision of the parent institution in that it has core values. However, the school of nursing elaborates more with its core values being: caring, critical thinking, holism, nursing role development, safe practice, and information management technology, Arapahoe school of nursing, (2015). These values pertain directly to the profession of nursing. The nursing department strives to provide the community with nurses that will provide safe, evidence-based care, nurses who will…

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