Essay on Community College Is The Best Option For Members Of Society

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Time Well Spent Over the last few years there have been many debates with radically opposing viewpoints on whether or not community college is the best option for members of society. Many times, the word “college” is mistaken for meaning a person is trying to obtain a four-year degree as opposed to a two-year degree. The reason for this common mistake is that most people are trained to believe that the only way to obtain a meaningful college degree is to attend a four year university. This however is not the case, although community colleges only provide two year degrees, they make it possible for students to have postsecondary educational opportunities that they may have not been able to achieve going straight to a university. There are many negative stereotypes that are often associated with attending community college, however, I would argue that community colleges are actually the preferred method of education as opposed to going straight to a university for many. Community colleges provide flexible academic schedules, affordable tuition and critical personal attention with professors. Community college is a great place to start for those who are working, tending to their families and also those who just need a less hectic academic schedule. In her recent work, “Two Years Are Better than Four”, Liz Addison argued that, “Community colleges are America’s hidden public service gem” (257). This is to say that, there are many great incentives to attending a community…

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