Essay about Community College Is Not A Real College

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Community colleges.

Although many people believe that community colleges is not a real college, I disagree with this. Community college is same as university, because you have the same education. Many people get the wrong impressions of how community college is. My whole family went to community college, and they have a decent job. Community college are just as good as other big universities. We need to change this culture that thinks community colleges are not like universities. This is also affecting the students who are attending community colleges because they feel like they 're not attending a real college. We need to be aware of how we label Community Colleges.
In her essay, “The Community College/ Real College’ Divide,” Kristin Keefe Demands that community college is the same as any other big universities. Many community colleges are shut down, because not many people are happy attending there. There are many people who cannot attend big universities, because of their income or because their parents who support their family. There are many reasons why people choose to go community colleges. As Kristin tells us,”46 percent of our nation 's undergraduates are enrolled in community colleges.” This shows us that community college students grow our economy and create more jobs. They’re not only helping themselves, but also our nation as well.
Reading Kristin O’Keefe’s essays really made me think about community college. I never thought community colleges was a…

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