Community College Is An Easy First Step For College Essay

1070 Words Jan 27th, 2016 null Page
Most students are eager to leave home immediately after graduating high school. However, according to the 2013 ACT results, only 26 percent of the students were marked as ready for college. For those students aren’t quite ready for college setting, community college is an easy first step in achieving college readiness. Community college is also an excellent way to obtain basic classes for less money, it can give students who aren’t ready to leave home a chance to adjust to college lifestyles while still living with family, and for those who are interested in sports and club organizations. Enrolling in a community college gives the full on university experience for thousands of dollars less. According to College Atlas, Money is the number one reason high school graduates don’t end up furthering their education. Financial aid isn’t always available to those who need it most, so naturally those students may decide to give up on college all together. Community colleges offer scholarships and financial aid just as universities do. However, the difference between community colleges and four-year universities are the initial costs. Universities for in-state students can cost up to 23,000 dollars whereas community colleges can cost up to 3,000, roughly a 20,000 dollar difference. (Smith, College cost FAQs) In addition to the cost of tuition, getting basic courses out of the way can save thousands of dollars upfront. For example, a single credit-hour costs 140 dollars through…

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