Essay about Community College At Cosumnes River College

730 Words May 18th, 2016 3 Pages
While I was attending Community college at Cosumnes River College I encountered a dilemma. My father had been injured while on the job and could no longer provide for our family. My family’s income had basically been cut in half, while I was still in college. Now I had been paying for my own expenses in terms of college, transportation, and other expenses with a part-time job and helping out my parents with the occasional bills, but with my father’s income out of the loop I would have to do something drastic in order to help my family with the missing income. I was faced with a conflict of value of either helping my family in its time of need or continue my education. Further education was a very important value that I wanted to achieve, since I’m the oldest child of five siblings, and since my parents were refugees that came to the United States during the Vietnam War. My parents came from a place that was basically a small farming village in a remote place in Laos, so access to education was basically non-existent to them, so me finishing College wasn’t just a big deal for me but also for my parents who didn’t have the opportunity. My parents’ wishes for me to graduate from college is one of the thing that they want for me and for all my siblings, they expect me to graduate so that I could motivate my younger siblings to also strive to graduate college when they are of age to attend college. So when my father was unable to help provide for my family, my value of further…

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