Community College Adjunct Faculty For Serve As Primary Academic Advisors

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The purpose of this qualitative exploratory study is to determine how prepared are community college adjunct faculty to serve as primary academic advisors. The specific focus of this study was to examine community college adjunct faculty’s experiences which included working with different student populations, other supportive offices, and what previous academic advising training adjunct community college faculty have received to determine their level of preparation to academically advise students. There were several findings which emerged from analyzing the research data which can be referenced to influence community college institutional policy and practice around academic advising. The first finding is:
1. Professional development centered on advising diverse and non-traditional student populations may be necessary for community college adjunct faculty serving as primary advisors. As the community college student population in the United States continues to diversify, academic advisors need to be more responsive to the needs of diverse and non-traditional students. It’s important to ensure proper training is available to support adjunct faculty who academically advise diverse and non-traditional students. Several accounts from community college adjunct faculty members may insinuate that additional training may be necessary to support their advising efforts.
When working with a diverse student population one adjunct faculty member indicated that “talking…

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