Community Collaboration Participant Identification on Osan Ab, South Korean

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Community Collaboration Participant Identification on Osan Air Base, South Korea

Transforming the way the community at Osan Air Base, Korea, views its use of energy—including creating policies to promote recyclable and renewable energy is critical to promoting sustainment, saving money and preserving our community resources. The goal of this project is to develop sustained changed towards behavior and attitudes of current energy consumers at Osan AB. Research indicates in order to achieve sustained behavior change the organization must be educated and properly motivated to be willing to change their convenient patterns of behavior. By targeting collaborative groups for imparting knowledge in this field, the future
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With the goal to motivate people to conserve energy in their homes and community, there needs to be an understanding as to what drives their energy use behavior and how it can be influenced.

Energy Managers Energy Managers are the owners of the installations’ energy conservation programs. Their job is to coordinate all aspects of installation energy management, from energy efficiency and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions to waste management and sustainable development. Their goal is to improve overall installation energy efficiency through first evaluating energy use and then implementing new policies and changes based on findings. They would be the ones to initiate the installation’s energy collaboration. They are connected to this project as it is their primary duties. They do not need a lot of convincing to change their behavior and are generally convinced of the benefits of energy conservation, however, they may additional motivation to seek assistance for the collaborative efforts and convincing the installation commanders of the importance of their program in order to compete with other base programs and projects that are seeking installation commander funding. They will need to do their research to set realistic goals that will appeal to the commander’s ego and nature to excel among peers. They will also need to develop educational programs that

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