Community Center For Youth And Their Families Essay examples

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I have always wanted to open up a community center for youth and their families. When I was younger, I was always hanging out in places that I should not have been because I there was nothing else better to do. As you might can guess, I often got in trouble and was introduced to a lot of things that were really harmful to me. I could barely go to the mall without getting into trouble. I wished that there was a safe place that I could have gone to meet new people and maybe get help for my drug and alcohol problem. I was not going to church all messed up and I was always so tired of staying at home all the time. I felt like I was trapped and even if I wanted help that I couldn’t get it.
One day when I was really high, my best friend and I were talking about running away. We wanted to run away to a place that would help us get clean and stay cleaned. However, we wanted it to be a cool place that did not feel like prison or a treatment center. We made plans on how we were going to open up the center for teenagers like us. We joked about it and said that we needed to win the lotto a few times. Now sober, the dream is a little different for me. I still want it to be a community center but I want it to be for families. I want families to be about to come and have a free meal. I want families to be able to come see the doctor at no cost. There are so many families that never see the doctor. I know so many single parents that have no medical insurance. Their children get government…

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