Community Based Suicide Prevention Research Essay examples

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Isaak, C. A., Campeau, M., Katz, L. Y., Enns, M. W., Elias, B., & Sareen, J. (2010). Community-based Suicide Prevention Research in Remote On-Reserve First Nations Communities. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, 8(2), 258–270.

This paper outlines the research methodologies, key considerations, challenges and lessons learned from a community-based youth suicide prevention project conducted in partnership with eight Manitoba First Nations. Similar to the article by Walls et al., the project utilized qualitative analysis of discussions with a variety of community members and stakeholders to inform the development of a youth suicide prevention program. The article underscores the importance of community-based participatory approaches in designing interventions to address suicide in First Nations youth, as well as the importance of adhering to the CIHR Guidelines for Health Research Involving Aboriginal Peoples and utilizing strategies that incorporate community engagement and reciprocal capacity building.

Key challenges highlighted included addressing trust issues with the communities (the researchers being seen as “outsiders”), issues related to the sharing circle discourse eliciting highly emotional responses in the participants, migration of health workers, remoteness of communities and issues related to difficulties in participant recruitment. The article also describes several important lessons learned, namely,…

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