Essay on Community Assistance And Child Protective Services

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According to the Census Bureau Guidelines, the families combined income would fall in the lower income bracket. Daimonn has Medicaid and Mrs. Cherry is able to access other forms of community assistance and support. The family is not deemed indigent at this time; however, Daimonn has received Public Defender services for the current court matters.

Foster Care and Child Protective Services: The family reports no involvement with the Department of Social Services. Court records do not indicate any complaints being filed.


Currently, Daimonn is enrolled full-time in the 7th grade at Churchland Middle School. The school placement is able to meet his needs at this time. In the last three months, Daimonn has attended school regularly, but some infractions have been reported. He has received other school referrals for fighting and inappropriate comments to a female peer. Daimonn 's performance at school is good, averaging C or better. His past academic performance is similar to his current performance. He has no mental health diagnosis. Daimonn 's general attitude toward education is positive; he believes there is a definite benefit to his education and believes the school environment is encouraging and supportive. Daimonn’s parents believe an education is beneficial. Daimonn’s desire is to complete his education and obtain employment. Mrs. Cherry values her son’s education. She supports her son’s goals and has participated with all referred service providers.…

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