Community and Family Studies Essay

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Another can be defined as volunteer and community work. People in these categories define these jobs as being called work due to them spending their available time. Being in a paid workforce many needs can be distinguished. Many work for the need of financial support and this is a major need. As for money is the key to basic needs such as, food, clothing and shelter. To be able to afford these basic needs and go on in daily life and routines. Other needs that are met by individuals can vary from self-esteem, some people may feel the need to feel good about themselves with the work they do. They may feel they contribute to the community and the society as a whole. This can vary from paid individuals and unpaid individuals. Self-esteem
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2. What do you feel you contribute to the community and society as a whole through your work? 3. What needs for you as an individual are satisfied? Ranging from: * Financial * Social * Cultural * Educational 4. Do you think your age affects in the type of work you choose? Yes/No 5. Overall, do you think your gender has anything to do with the type of work choosen? Yes/No 6. Does the amount of time you have in your daily living affect in the way in which you choose your job and what kind or work you participate in? 7. Being in either paid or unpaid work was it by choice or was it a decision made by participate events that happened? E.g. being pregnant or partner past away. 8. Does the amount of knowledge about a certain way of living affect in the way which you choose to work? Yes/No 9. Does your certain status in life affect the way you choose your job and what you as a individual is capable of? 10. Overall, the needs that are met to you as an individual are they by the way you chose your career? To be like or is it a situation that was forced upon you? Yes/No

Questionnaire Analysis And Reporting This questionnaire establishes the different types of needs that are met by different individuals and different genders. It analysis the contribution made to the community as a whole and if their contribution to the community matters. The questionnaire explores in depth

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