Explain Why The Tet Offensive Was A Turning Point For Communist Victory

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Communist gained victory as North Vietnamese used effectual strategies and tactics employed by NVA and Vietcong. Also, the use of ineffective tactics and strategies by the South Vietnamese and USA forces impacted negatively on the civilians in Vietnam and the rise and significance of anti-war movements in the USA further contributed to the communist victory in 1975. The key reason for communist victory was their Strategies and tactics being based on the “Golden Rules” . This made them militarily strong fighting force as they knew that if "The enemy advances, we retreat; the enemy camps, we harass; the enemy tires, we attack; the enemy retreats, we pursue." Also, they were able to gain support from villagers through their promise of land reform and nationalism.

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This showed communist forces psychological and political victory while being a immense military defeat. General Giap used the offensive to gain support of Americans by showing the weaknesses of the South Vietnamese government and its inability to protect its citizens. Instead , the images of the horrible clashes and aftermath of the Tet Offensive dramatically increased anti -war movement in the US. The anti – war movement became influential and powerful as the war continued, as the cost to America financially and militarily amplified and as the media coverage showed people the real bloody and dreadful nature of the war. The anti war movement did play significant role in molding public opinion and therefore had an enormous impact upon ending the war as explained by US television commentator Eric Sevareid , “You weren’t really fighting just a military force. You were fighting a society, a society equipped with total faith.” It was that kind of faith that Americans lacked. Ultimately the US withdrawal helped communist to achieve victory easily and

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