Communist Takeover in Hungary Essay

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“The Communists Come to Power in Hungary”

Hungary is located in what is considered central Europe with its capital city, Budapest, lying towards the northern part of the country. Contemporary Hungarian history is marked with two periods of totalitarian rule. In the years of 1939-1945 Hungary was subjected to Nazi occupation and the rise of Hungary’s own fascist party, the Arrow Cross party. Through 1944-1950 Hungary was liberated by the Red Army and the rise of communism began to take its hold on the war-torn nation. Many contributing factors have caused and allowed the communists to come to power. This paper’s purpose is to identify and evaluate the events leading up to the communist takeover and how the communists
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The provisional government created after the war was a four-party coalition composed of the Hungarian Communist Party (HCP), the Social Democratic Party (SDP), the Smallholders Party (SHP), and the National Peasant Party (NP) (Crampton, 222). The government’s top priority was land reform, and the majority of Hungary’s arable land was redistributed. In November 1945 an election was held with the SHP winning the majority, 57 percent of the vote, this came as a shock to the communist party who only won 17 percent. However, the communists allowed the winning party to keep their power. The Hungarian Communist party then asserted that they would only remain in the coalition if they were given the ministry of the interior. In addition to that, the Soviets gave the HCP control of the internal security forces, and as R.J. Crampton asserted, this became the communists’ own “private army” (222). With their own private police force the communists were now in prime position to exert their power over the rest of the provisional government.
In the year of 1946 the HCP were attempting to weaken the SHP by creating factions within the party. This eventually led to the creation of the Hungarian Independent party, who hoped to win the favor of the working class. The aforementioned party not only made minute progress, it weakened the main body of the Smallholders party. Furthermore, the communists continued to attack

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