Communist Party Of India Essay

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The Communist Party of India (CPI) has been an integral part of communism especially in the eastern world. From their weak and unorganized beginnings to developing into a major political party the CPI has had its share of triumphs and troubles. Even today the party has been part of major developments in India even though their numbers have begun to dwindle. The CPI has gone through many different forms and leaders all of which have made it an important party in the history of India. The CPI has caused India to gain a wealth of different communist parties within the country.
The CPI’s history can be traced back to the 1920 when a group of young revolutionaries met in Kanpur which is now in Uttar Pradesh state. These founders wrote a manifesto in the 1920 and in 1925 would come together to form the CPI (Routray 2014, par. 2). There were many different members that were present during the writing of the manifesto but the most prominent of these founders were Manabendra Nath Roy and Abani Mukherji. Roy was a communist revolutionary in Mexico and gained the attention of Russian leader Vladimir Lenin which got him a spot on the Communist International also known as the Comintern. Abani
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This was because many members of the CPM felt that they were not left enough. According to Daniyal (2015), “...the CPI-M wasn’t Left enough. Given that the CPI-M had formed the government in West Bengal as part of the United Front in 1967 (Bengal’s first non-Congress government) and was making no moves towards an armed revolution, these radicals accused it of betraying the communist cause” (par. 12). Charu Mazumdar was the leader of this revolution that was not above violence and the use of weapons. Mazumdar was killed by the CPM led police of West Bengal but he 's still did start a movement which turned into the Communist Party of India

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