Essay on Communism Under Stalin vs. Mao

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Josef Stalin and Mao Zedong were both very similar and still quite different. Each of these great leaders wished to transform his country into something new and powerful. Though their methods of rule were not the same, they each were extremely effective leaders and had enormous impacts on his own country. Russia, before Stalin, could absolutely be considered as being a weak and peasant country. China, before Mao Zedong, was attempting, but failing, to modernize efficiently under Nationalism. These two countries under Stalin and Mao Zedong advanced quickly and went from being smaller and mostly powerless countries to global powers. These advances, however, did not come without sacrifice. Both countries suffered an astronomical number …show more content…
This gave the communists more power over the nationalists once the civil war in China resumed after World War II. Finally, the communists defeated the nationalists and took charge of China in roughly the mid-1900s. China's communism was off to a good start during this post civil war time, unlike Russia's communism. But, two leaders would soon rise in each of these countries, and these leaders will provide China and Russia with intense strengthening and modernizing, with the cost of many lives. These two leaders were known as Josef Stalin and Mao Zedong. Both rulers were key in the development of industry and communism in Russia and China. China and Russia were similar in that they were not advanced at all when compared to Britain and the United States. Stalin and Mao Zedong pushed hard to make their countries able to compete with the leading powers of the world. Before Stalin became its dictator, Russia was a peasant country with little to no industry. When Stalin took control of Russia, he turned Russia into a modern communist country through extreme and very brutal methods, including the enslavement of many Russians who did not agree completely with his ideas. He even got rid of Russian Orthodox religion, made himself the god of Russia, and forced farmers to work in factories instead of their farms, which destroyed the livelihoods of countless Russian

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