The Struggle In Langston Hughes's Communist Ideologies

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Langston Hughes could have also been forgotten because of his communist ideology. Many people considered Langston to be communist, which isn’t a thing that is commonly accepted in the US. Many black writers at the time were communist because they considered that communism could be the key to the end of all the segregation in the United States. At the time Langston Hughes published his communist oriented poems, many people in the US were communist, but all of that changed after the cold war which could be one of the reasons of why his ideas and how he helped the negro movement in the United States were forgotten and he is not very recognized around. Having a communist way of thinking was not an unusual thing between the blacks in the United States since they were looking for any way to obtain complete equality between black people and white and some though that communism was the way to obtain equality between the two races. As many people were communist his poems were accepted, but as …show more content…
The poems created by Langston Hughes and by the writers that were inspired by him at the time are one of the few records of what happened during those times. What would we know about how the society was at the time that the African Americans were fighting for their rights if no one had written about it? Langston Hughes was one of the best writers at the time and he was mainly discriminated only because of his beliefs in a different system of society. Langston Hughes was one of the persons that took the job of writing about how the society in which he lived in felt and how he felt when he was being discriminated. All that Langston did help move forward to the movement of equality between blacks and

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