Communism And The Cold War Essay

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Imagine a life where nothing is really your own because everything is controlled and owned by the government. Compared to the society we live here in the United States, that’s a very different lifestyle from what we live and an overall difficult concept to grasp for many people. This ideology, intermingled with political mistrust, provoked fear and ignorance on both sides of the spectrum. This concept formed during the mid-1800s and has changed the world in many ways.
Not a lot of Americans truly know what the concept of communism even is; it seems to be a mystery to us. Communism to us seemed to give the government ways to control their people without giving any freedom and America is all about freedom. We view it as an over-controlling, freedom-thieving system. The fear sprouted primely during the Cold War, the Red Scare, and the Second Red Scare, but communism ideology altogether started much earlier than that. Communism is the idea that everyone in a given society receives equal shares of everything produced through labor. Designed for the poor to be on an equal playing field to that of the middle-class.Wealth is taken and then equally redistributed so that the members of the upper class are brought down to the same financial and social level as the middle class. No one can own a business or produce their own goods because the state owns everything (
Mid-nineteenth century Marxism rose, inspired by British political economy, French Socialism…

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