Communism And False Accusations In The Crucible By Joseph Mccarthy

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Witchcraft Communism, and False Accusations
Have you ever been falsely accused of something that you didn't do? Something like breaking into the cookie jar, or being blamed on the broken vase that has been smashed to smithereens? Well, anyone who was accused of being a communist spy in the 1950’s feels your pain. Senator Joseph McCarthy reined in the 1950’s, and he was certain that the US was plagued with Communist spies. McCarthy struck the nation with fear. Fear that one’s friends, colleagues, even their next-door neighbor could be a communist. In the second of four articles, Alan Brinkley states, “Senator Joseph McCarthy rose to national fame by promising to find communist spies in the United States” (Brinkley). McCarthy rose to power using a promise to rid the USA of communism. While there may have been one or two true cases of communism in the US, McCarthy made it out like nearly half the population are communist spies. He rose to power on a false hope; a hope that was two sided: The public hoped he was going to do what his promise insinuated, however his hope was that his promise would get him fame and power, which it did, but not forever. McCarthy was accusation crazy, he was accusing people
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John Proctor is the main character and tries to bring the truth to the judges; the truth being that the “afflicted girls”, lead by Abigail Williams, are just pretending. When said and done, the Salem witch trials were just a giant revenge court, which lead to the death of many good, innocent people. Rumors were at the heart of all the trouble in Salem. The rumor of witchcraft itself was the giant invisible elephant in the room that caused all this trouble. Rumors lead to lots of confrontations and deaths in The Crucible. Therefore, the rumors concerning the Proctors, the Nurses versus the Putnams, and the Coreys lead to

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