Communism, An Ideology, Social And Political Movement Essay

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Dee Dee (GPS)
The Communism is an ideology, social and political movement to direct pose up a communist society.
The direction of organizing society the government owns all the means of production, no privately owned property. The goal is to create a classless society, then it will set the people free to find the higher meaning of life. It believes this can happen if the people bring away the power of the ruling class, who own the means of production (bourgeoisie) and to create a dictatorship of the working class
(proletariat). The idea of Communism was invented by Karl Marx, who was the German philosopher, political economist and socialist radical. In 1848 he wrote the Communist Manifesto, it 's a short book with basic ideas of communist. Although many groups and people liked the Marx ideas, but only the
Revolutionary Vladimir Lenin was able to bring Marx ideas became to life after the Russian Revolution in
The First Communist Nation rise up was Russia. Russia was a czarist nation when the ideology of communism started to take hold. For centuries, Russia was governed by a monarchy that holds absolute power over the people. Tsar Nicholas II and his wife held the power at the time and living in a luxury life. The Russia 's lower classes received a long suffered in poverty plus the World War I. These two factors made the Czar became very unpopular. Also the outcome on Sunday, January 22, 1917, knows as the Bloody Sunday, when the priest leading the working…

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