Communism : A Political Theory Essay

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Communism is a political theory that was started by Karl Marx and he was campaigning for class war which was to promote a society that all property is publicly owned. Communists believe that inequality and suffering results from capitalism. This is because for capitalists private businesses own most factories and other resources called the “means of production” and according to them such owners are able to use workers who are forced to sell their labor for wages. A communist state is therefore a state that is characterized by single party rule or a dominant party system by a party which claims to follow communism and is in charge of controlling the economy. In a communist state the communist party is the main governor in the society and other parties function alongside the communist party. The communist party governs according to the society’s historical and national characteristics demand in order to set free the productive forces and to move ahead with communism.
Communism is mostly associated with Marxism and according to Marxism capitalism led to the development of social classes like proletariat who have to work so as to survive and they make up majority of the society and the bourgeoisie who are the minority in the society and employ the proletariat therefore benefiting through their employment through the private ownership of private ownership of the means of production. Communism was also seen as a threat and rival of capitalism for most of the 20th century. The rate…

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