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Save this document as: your last name_104_final. Add your name above where indicated. It is due by midnight, Monday, August 11. Answer the following multiple-choice questions by placing the letter corresponding to the best answer after the word Answer: at the end of the question. There are 35 questions and each is worth 2 points. There are also five short answer questions and an essay question.

1) Sanctions imposed on a country, according to Sernau, hurt ___A_____.
A) the poor who are unable to get food, medical care, or other basic necessities
B) the rich elite of a country who can no longer buy luxuries
C) the government who loses legitimacy and capital
D) the businesses in the country who
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A) they are fundamentally undemocratic
B) they are gaining more power than governments
C) they are almost all involved in violent terrorism
D) they are racist

13) Which city has served as the meeting point of what is considered the "East" and "West"?
A) Hong Kong
B) Singapore
C) Sao Paulo
D) New York
Answer: A

14) The largest mass migration in human history is ________.
A) the movement of Africans to Europe and the United States
B) the mass movement of Latin Americans to North America
C) the mass movement of rural Chinese to urban China
D) the movement of smog across the Pacific Ocean
Answer: C

15) The growth of cities caused by people moving from rural areas to the city is called ________.
A) internal migration
B) immigration

C) rural collapse
D) industrialization

16) The idea that regions need central areas for key functions to converge and these places tend to prosper represents what theoretical position?
A) Central Place Theory
B) Centrific Zone Theory
C) Social

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