Essay about Communications 4.1

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Communication in Individualistic and Collectivist Societies There are many different ways to communicate in today’s society and understanding how people communicate is a good way to keep lines of communication open. Businesses do not just deal with the countries they are founded in. If they become very successful they may have to be able to communicate globally. One way to do so would be to know and understand how Individualistic cultures and collectivist cultures are defined. Individualism means you are independent and do not interfere with others unless you are asked to. Collectivism means you focus more on the responsibility you have towards the relationships in groups. A good example of a society that is individualistic is …show more content…
We were also taught that you cannot always depend on others to achieve your goals and hard work leads you in the direction where you will not need assistance from others to survive. Even though they stressed the importance of the need for others their guidance was more towards becoming independent of others. The connection between Kaori’s Korean and Turkish friend’s in her story is even though they come from different backgrounds their countries have been friends from a distance since the Korean War. Turkey sent more troops to assist Korea and had the most causalities so this has made the Korean’s very grateful towards the country. Since the country of Turkey is considered more standalone the Koreans respect this and only engage with them as needed. This sometimes makes a difference when two people from different countries communicate. Kaori could use several approaches to consider how she needs to approach each of her friends especially since she is from a different country from them. Their common ground would be that they are in America where everyone is considered to be all about themselves. That would be why her American friend told her to stay out of the argument. Another way would be for her to consider her Japanese background and handle the situation as she was taught. If she thought about what her two friends had in common

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