Communications 101 Notes Essay

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Com 101


Ch. 1 Objectives • Gain an appreciation that public o Professionally as a society The process includes “shared meaning” • Discuss different levels of communication • Discuss the critical thinking (problem solving) skills that benefit public speaking Why study public speaking? - Acquire skills - More knowledge - build confidence Definition of public speaking • The process of sharing meaning by sending and reviewing symbolic cues - Interpreter (Sender and receiver) - Symbol (tools, objectives, language) – you picture things without trying - Referent (reference – idea) • People give meaning to words; words do not have inherit meaning
Com 101

• Communication is a practiced process


Ch. 2

• Ethic refers to
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Generally, public speaking is NOT inherently stressful - It’s usually learned behavior - Requires effort, but nervousness can be learned/eased away 2. Perfection is NOT the goal - You don’t need to be brilliant or perfect to succeed - Resist using this as an excuse for laziness 3. All you need is 2-3 main points - Give the “Elevator pitch” 4. Choose a purpose that is right for the task - Line up your intention with the purpose of your speech and audience 5. Don’t consider yourself a public speaker - Trying to please everyone will leave you pleasing no one 6. Humility and humor about yourself goes a long way - Above everything, be yourself - Don’t mimic or ape; take from the best, but be yourself 7. Nothing “bad” can ever happen - What’s the worst that can happen? - Everything that happens can be used to your advantage - Transparency

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