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COM 225: Public Speaking
ASU Fall 2013 • T/Th 4:30-5:45 PM • SL #70374

Instructor: Dr. Karen Stewart Office: Stauffer Hall 220
E-mail: Office Hours: Monday and Tuesday 1:30-3:00pm
Phone: 480-965-5095 (HDSHC main office) and by appointment


The purpose of this course is to enable you to better understand theories and practices of public speaking. This course is designed to improve not only your delivery techniques but also your speech-writing and persuasion abilities. Additionally, this course is arranged to develop the skills necessary for you to critically evaluate both written and spoken speeches of others and to enter the public dialogue on issues that are important
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Online Learning: McGraw Hill “Connect” (paid access code) Grade Folder: A pocket folder for turning in your speech outlines Media: A reliable portable storage device (such as a USB flash drive) A digital recording device (such as a smart phone, video camera, laptop, or pad – sharing is OK)


Instructor Expectations: Each time we meet, you should expect that I will: • Arrive to class on time, prepared and organized • Maintain a positive learning environment in the classroom • Respect each student as a person and a learner • Demonstrate enthusiasm toward the subject matter Student Expectations Each time we meet, I will expect you to: • Arrive to class on time, prepared with readings and assignments completed • Respect each other and the instructor • Positively contribute to class discussion and activities • Put forth the effort to prepare audience-centered speeches • Ask for help when needed

Classroom Respect: This course mirrors a greater theme of audience-centered public speaking, which is that of civility. Civility is the “care and concern for others, the thoughtful use of words and language, and the flexibility to see many sides of an issue” (Griffin, 2006, p. 4). This classroom will be a civil environment where all students can engage in the sharing of ideas and

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