Communication Essay

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After asking three different parents the same the questions I got many different answers. Parents A said that they didn’t think their social life would change as much as it did. They started hanging out with people that had children. Becoming friends with people that had children gave the children a chance to play and the adults’ time to socialize with each other. The husband, in parents A, began to work more and his social life went down the drain. The wife tried to split her attention between the two but found it very hard to do. She paid more attention to the baby than to her husband. They barely had sex or even conversation that didn’t include the baby. The baby brought a little strain on their relationship at first but after the baby …show more content…
The husband on the other hand wasn’t prepared for anything. Their communication changed during the first couple of month because they were new parents. They didn’t know how to talk to each other anymore. They had to get counseling to get their feeling out in the open with each other. The child affected their relationship after first now you can’t even tell that they have had problems.
The children that were born the groups of parents have had a big impact on the parent’s lives. They are no longer husbands and wife they are now a mother and a father. They can’t spend all of their time together like they did before they had children. Most of their conversations are revolved around their children instead of what they want to do. Like in the book theses couples have had rough patches after the children were born.
Their communication pattern follows the guidelines for effective communication in families. The parents bring equal amount of responsibility to the family life. One of the husbands didn’t like that he had to start helping clean the house after the baby was born. He wanted their relationship to work out so he knew that he had to pull the equal amount of work. Although the couples had a hard time communicating at first they still respected each other. They had to overlook the minor things that they dislike to make their families work. With any relationship if you stress of the small things then your relationship want get

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