Essay on Communication

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“It is believed that one of the failures of the previous government was that effective communication with the people; with reference to the present economic crisis did not take place.
Comment on this and suggest ways that the former government could have communicated the situation more effectively.”

“Communication is the process of transmitting information, ideas and opinions from one person to another. It involves sending messages to a target person and receiving feedback that the massage has been understood and acted on.” 1
Communication could be informing your sub-ordinates about their performance, telling them about the new objectives of the company and giving direction to employees about their work. These are all examples of
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It allows external relationships to be maintained, giving a good image to the external parties.
Communication allows Planning, Organising and Controlling to be implemented correctly to allow success. Communication is vital when it comes to the introduction of change; it makes it easier and quicker allowing it to be successful.

“It’s not just the contents of the budget that have landed the Government in the mire. It’s lack of communications planning.” 4
I think it is evident from the previous paragraph that communication was very poor and unclear in relation to the previous Government.

“Last month, Mr Martin cited the Taoiseach’s poor communication of the bailout to cabinet colleagues as one of the factors that led to him losing confidence in Brian Cowen’s leadership of Fianna Fáil. The management of the IMF, the presentation of the IMF coming into the country — that to me was a watershed moment," Mr Martin said at the time. "Ministers came out, from my information, without the full knowledge of what actually was going on at that time." 5

The above piece of writing tells me that effective communication was not to be seen among the party internally and externally with us the people of Ireland.

“Everybody has private thoughts and feelings that differ from those they express publicly, and everybody behaves differently in different situations...everybody also has more access to and interest in their own lives and

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