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How I Feel About Communication University of Phoenix Communication Week 1 Renee Hoobyar December 17, 2007


Wikipedia defines communication as “a process that allows organisms to exchange information by several methods. Communication requires that all parties understand a common language that is exchanged with each other.” (Wikipedia, 2007) Communication can be verbal such as: speaking, singing, and tone of voice. Communication can also be non-verbal, such as: sign language, writing, and body language.
How I Feel About Communication
I believe that one of my prevalent strengths in communication is my ability to be very passionate and into what I am trying to communicate. I am very
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This leads to the notion that the audience will not get the message that I want to convey. I have to say this is my biggest weakness when communicating. I believe that I am better in communication in certain areas depending on the situation. For example, I feel that I can better communicate information to my co-workers separately than I could if we were to get into a “speaker and audience” setting and I had stand up in front of the group and speak. Even though I am familiar with my co-workers and see them on a daily basis, for some reason, I am still nervous to get up and speak in front of them as a group.

My Goals
With all of my weaknesses stated above, I also have a few goals for improving my communications in this class. I hope to gain a better grasp of staying on focus and not drifting off course with my messages. There are times where I take conversations a different direction than intended. Another goal would be to deliver the message clearly and concisely without any unnecessary material because I also have a habit of including too much detail in my messages which then leads me to the drifting off course with the message. In this age people are bombarded daily with instant messages, texts, email, and office memos. No one wants to read more than what they have to jut to get the essence of the message. This translates to speech writing, copy for a publisher, and many different avenues of relating messages to someone I may work with or for.

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