Communication and Crisis Essay

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Communication and Crisis Paper


Instructor: Debbie Hunt

September 03, 2012

The nuclear reactor that malfunctioned, in the Three Mile Island created a release of radiation into the environment which caused a crisis. It drew a lot of media and created concerns in the local area and beyond. A traditional form of technology was used to notify the public, television networks and local radio stations were used. Compared to the crisis that took place in 2005, Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the New Orleans area, immersing many parts of the city under water causing trauma to families, the strategy for communication used was the internet, which reached a greater number of the public in less
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The first primary concern in a crisis is public safety. A failure to address public intensifies the damage of a crisis. The second primary concern is the reputation and financial concerns are considered after public safety has been remedied. The crisis management is designed to protect the organization and its stakeholders from threats and reduce the impact affected by the crisis, so that everything and everyone is doing good and well. The crisis management is designed to prevent the damages of a crisis. That can inflict on the organization and its stakeholders. As a process, crisis management is not just one thing, crisis management is dived into three phases which are: pre-crisis, crisis response, and post-crisis. 1) The pre-crisis phase is concerned with prevention and preparation. 2) The crisis response phase is when management must actually respond to a crisis. 3) The post-crisis phase looks for ways to better prepare for the next crisis and fulfills commitments made during the crisis phase including follow-up information. The tri-part view of crisis management serves as the organizing framework for this entry. Prevention involves seeking to reduce known risks that could lead to a crisis. This is a part of the organization’s risk management program. Preparation involves creating the crisis management plan, selecting and training the crisis management team, and conducting

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