Communication with Dementia Patients Essay examples

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Communication is usually taken for granted in our every day to day living as we use it without thought. Good communication skills are needed in the workplace and especially with nursing staff to and from patients when giving first hand care. Good or bad communication can make there experience within the health care setting a positive or negative one and can leave a lasting impression. A good health care provider can use there communication skills to put a patient at ease with a few comforting words or gestures, a lack of positive communication in the health care setting could leave the patient feeling neglected, ignored and not valued as a patient.
By successfully communication we are able to convey our thoughts and ideas effectively and
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Nurses in the health care setting have the knowledge to educate family and other staff of the importance of the correct communication skills. Family members of patients with dementia might not get to spend as much time with the patient as the nurses therefore communication break down could happen. Nursing staff can inform families/carers of how there communication has improved/deterioted and what best verbal and non verbal communication could help to bridge the gap. When the nurse is nearby a patient with dementia patients feel most comfortable as the caregiver is nearby
Nurses in the health care setting have a responsibility to recognize a patient who has communication difficulties and act accordingly to there communication needs. Verbal communication and non verbal communication may be used in this case. Without consistent good communication patients may loose trust in the nurse and treatments and medicines are no longer of use to the patient if they lose confidence in them. When working in and around the wards these form of communicate are used frequently. Care plans should include how best to communicate with the patient and care that they need.
When working on the wards the patients witnessed who struggled communication greatly were elderly patients with dementia. One patient in particular had far gone dementia he was very confused could not communicate in sentences and

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