Communication Theory Paper

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Communication Theory Paper
Kumoia Dorsey
February 13, 2012
Terri DeWess

Volunteering at Sebring Radiation Center in Sebring, Florida has showed me many different communication types. Working here you will experience different cultures, colors, backgrounds, ages, genders, and beliefs. There are many different types of communication and sometimes it would cause problems within the building. I have found out that formal communication, informal communication, verbal, and nonverbal communication play a big part in communication at Sebring Radiation Center. Communication involves a sender that is sending a message to a receiver that will get a message in return. Verbal communication is used the most at Sebring Radiation Center
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When it’s time for a meeting Dr. Sharmaa will use his overhead projector because he wants everyone to have a understanding about the upcoming week. Using an overhead projector bring forth written communication. Written communication involves communication through words that are written down.
In many workplaces using emails, memos, and letters are the biggest forms of written communication style. At Sebring Radiation Center each employee will get an email daily from
Dr. Sharmaa. Communication through email has grown over the years. Using emails in my organization are always simple and straight to the point. Emails can be formal or informal, but usually at the workplace it’s formal. Keeping each email short in length and simple sentences will help each employee to understand the instructors giving. There was a challenge at Sebring Radiation Center between a patient and Dr. Sharmaa.
The patient filled out his paperwork and request an email instead of a phone call to remind him of his next appointment. Within three days of his next appointment, Betty (front desk clerk) emailed him for his reminder. Two days after his appointment his appointment he comes in the office with an attitude toward Betty. Betty went in the back to get Dr. Sharmaa, and when he came out the man explained his complaint. Dr. Sharmaa resolved the problem by showing the man on the computer screen that Betty sent out the email and he (the patient)

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