Communication : The Transmission Of Information And Coveys Meaning

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Communication define as the transmission of information and coveys meaning between at least two individuals in any actions such as written. There are many approaches for people who works in a company to communicate with any other departments. While a company in a strategic change, good communication within the company is a very essential factor. Also, a good communication process or a better way of communication will help people understanding what the company going on. In addition, good communication can improve the loyalty between employer and employees. will increase the performance and efficiency. It will help staff and people better.

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The graph above is the basic flow of the communication. When the message sent from the sender to the receiver, they will share the feedback on the process. The sender should keep the message as simple as possible. There are many of message through the emails and memos in the company, simple message can help staffs to understand the meaning of it better. Because the staffs will get a part of the message rather than all of it. According to the Harvard Business Review’s research, there are three key elements of communication: Energy, Engagement and Exploration. Energy is measuring the level of the contribution

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within a team. Engagement is the distribution of energy among the participants in the team. Exploration is the energy of each pairs of team which means the team member can involve the communication outside of the team.…

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