Communication: The Most Important Importance Of Communication

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What is communication? According to our HCOM book we used in this class, the definition of communication is the process by which individuals use symbols, signs, and behaviors to exchange information. However, do communications actually affect our lifestyles or our feelings? Developing and maintaining relationships is essential to our happiness; yet, this is extremely challenging. As humans, we communicate with each other in order to develop and maintain our relationships, while trying to manage our conflicts and solve our problems. The communication that we show among our dearest ones are the most important. On our daily lives we don’t realize how crucial our communications are; however when we come up to a difficult situation we realize …show more content…
Communication is an important attribute because it allows us to ask professors for help with more confidence and assurance, than those who do not possess good communication skills. When one has good communication people will see that they can count on us and one will make more friends. The development of our communication skills should begin at an early stage in our lives. Elementary schools should teach the children the importance of communicating their ideas to others so that they learn to help one another. Communication should be a lesson that is taught throughout grade school and high school. The education that we obtain as children is what affects us the most and might be the most important. Our education system should improve and provide parents and students with workshops that explain the values and benefits that good communication skills …show more content…
Good relationships are important because it declines the possibilities of arguments arising. As humans we believe that we are capable of doing many things at a time. At the end communication can help us in many aspects of our lives such as school, jobs and family. Many don’t understand the importance of communication and why they should be communitive. The education of the children in communication skills will make greater leaders for our country. All of the communication theories show that many of us don’t like to talk about our personal lives unless it is with a person who is really close to us and that we can

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