Communication Technology And Its Effect On My Life Essay

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Throughout my childhood, I was consistently using communication technology to interact with others. I enjoy technology and figuring out how to use effectively use it effectively in my life. Because I was shy at a young age, I saw technology as way to communicate with kids my age and to escape reality. I use my phone to check my Facebook, Instagram, and email accounts when I am not near a computer. When I am working on homework at home, I use my laptop to check social media websites. I generally use my iPad on the couch or when I am travelling. I have learned in this class to communicate effectively while following the netiquette rules. Most of the netiquette is common sense, whereas, other tips are valuable information.
Scheuermann & Taylor (1997) has found that being brief and proud in messages can be beneficial in the long run (p. 270). I have learned the hard way that I have to be careful how I use humor and sarcasm online. Considering this, it is difficult to communicate sarcasm unless stating it for your audience. Sullivan (2002) discusses the importance of when to talk or shut up, checking grammar, and thinking twice about how to accurately use messages (p. 1). There is a logical reason why someone invented spell check and is effective when communicating an important message to another individual. Therefore, the uses of technology have allowed us to think before pressing the Enter button and sending a negative comment for the rest of the world to see.
Technology and…

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