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Japanese Robotics
Rough Draft
Team B
Heather Jones, Robert Hiser (Team Lead), George Dyakovetsky (Editor),
Jerry Hornbogen, Edward (Andy) Felchak, Tricia Creek
November 12, 2011
DeVry University

Table of contents

Contents Introduction 3 Culture of Japan 4 Overview of Japanese Robotics 9 Impact of Technology on the Culture 12 The Japanese Robot Economy 15 Japanese Robotic R & D Economy 17 Sales of Robotic Technology 18 The Workforce Economy 19 Economic Conclusion 20 Government Impacts 21 Public Projects Impact 22 Economics Impact 23 Technology Impacts 23 Moral and Ethical Consideration 24 Positive Impact 24 Negative Impact 25 Conclusion 27 References 28

Robots of any
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They can be used in hospitals, care for the elderly, and be friends to our children. Japan’s fascination with robots came from the cartoon character Astroboy, and soon after in 1973, the first scale humanoid robot was created (MacDorman, Sandosh, & Chin-Chang, 2009-07-01). This began a wide spread battle to see which company could outdo the next, and now there are even fashion model robots that can walk down the catwalk alongside their human counterparts. With this fascination comes an acceptance in the Japanese culture that robots and humans can work together, and at times robots will do the work that humans choose not to. With the world catching up to Japan in the robot industry, they have to continuously develop and expand their robot industry (Niku, 2001).
Culture of Japan
Japan is a country that consists of an archipelago island chain. The four main island bodies are Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. The rest of the islands are much smaller and consist of an additional 6,844 islands according to the Foreign Press of Japan (2011). With limited natural resources for energy, Japan is one of the world’s largest importers of coal and natural gas, according to the CIA (2011).
Interestingly Japan is still technically at war with Russia from WWII, much like North and South Korea are still technically at war. Russia and Japan signed a cease fire, but have yet to work out a full peace agreement.
The rebuild of Japan was a primary concern for the

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