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Communication techniques vary from person to person depending on personal choices, behavior, perception and philosophy. Furthermore, communication style is groped in four important categories namely; Emotive, Directive, Reflective and Supportive. Differences in style are due to the level preference of for sociability and dominance. Sociability generally relates to friendliness and dominance relates to control or influence. In a reflective style, the preference for both sociability and dominance is low.
Outcome of Communication Style Quiz Test
Reflective Communication Style
This communication style is very analytical and geared toward problem-solving. Methodical and detail-oriented, Thinkers are usually slow decision-makers who are very deliberate about the choices they make. Before taking a specific route, they do their homework by weighing pros and cons and looking at problems from every angle. Their high expectations of others and themselves can make them come across as overly critical and pessimistic. They are perfectionists by nature and can easily fall into the trap of "analysis paralysis." Since they tend to be skeptical, they usually want to see promises in writing. Famous people who are predominantly Thinkers: Albert Einstein, Woody Allen, Victor Borge, Carl Sagan, Al Gore, Angela Lansbury
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